Sunday, 25 June 2017

Want to Improve Your Memory? Eat These Superfoods!

Memory loss is not something that people want to experience. A memory related disease like Alzheimer's is something we all want to avoid developing. It can become a cause of panic for many of us when all too often we forget where we've left our keys or we don't know why we walked into a room. And when you can't remember someone's name -- someone you've known for a long time -- isn't that something to be stressed about? Want to hear some good news? You shouldn't be too worried about these kinds of lapses in memory. And did you know that you can strengthen your memory? For instance, you can improve your memory by eating super foods that help with brain health. So if you want to give your memory power a boost, make sure you eat more of these super foods.

Calcium is very important when it comes to improving your brain function. Calcium is considered one of the brain's building blocks. You need to correct your calcium deficiency if you're not getting sufficient calcium in your diet. Dairy is an excellent calcium source so eat more dairy products. However, leafy green vegetables are so much better and healthier so try eating more of those. You can also ask your doctor if you can take calcium bicarbonate tablets every day.

You need to be getting plenty of fiber in your diet. What fiber does is regulate the absorption of sugar in your brain. Although the brain needs sugar for proper functioning, it needs it in smaller doses. This is where fiber comes in, as it regulates the amount of sugar that gets into the brain. You can easily increase your fiber consumption by eating more dried fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains - more at

Iron is another important mineral for the brain and lean red meat is a good source of it. Iron can be found in abundance in lean beef. However, this isn't to suggest that every meal you have must have lean beef. This is good occasionally. In many studies, it has been found that iron deficiency may cause memory loss. Furthermore, iron deficiency may cause anemia and other health problems. Memory improvement is something you can do; there are many things that will help you have a sharp mind. Try doing puzzles regularly to keep your memory in tip-top shape. Other things you can do including reading more books and playing memory games whenever possible. In addition, you can keep your memory sharp by incorporating superfoods in your diet. Start with the superfoods we have covered in this article. Do a little research to find out what other superfoods are out there that can help improve your memory.

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